June 2010

 In Update

We are back from Belize and would like to briefly share our trip with you. You might recall that back in March we took down over 600 pounds of ministry supplies and materials to the two “pilot” churches and schools. These two ministries are being actively monitored, evaluated and tweaked as we prepare to implement into other villages in September. The ministry plan is still to add a group of villages each September and January until we have the entire country covered!

In all the times we’ve traveled to Belize, we had never experienced any real travel delays, so we were way past due. The rainy season in Belize has come early and strong this year and we were about 5 hours late arriving. Tired and weary is not a good way to start a week of ministry, but we headed out to the school in the Light of Valley community. Upon arrival, the principal immediately came over to our car and tearfully informed us that one of our preschool kids, Tommy Polanco, had drowned in the river that morning. Needless to say, the entire school and village was in shock. Teachers and children were just wandering around the grounds. God gave us the words and strength to gather everyone into the church and to minister to over 270 kids. We cried, prayed, hugged, and loved, and prayed some more.

God proved yet again that He moves in ways that we cannot always understand. Amidst all the grieving and pain, God showed up and as a result of Tommy’s death, 53 children received the gift of salvation! Plans are being made to go down to the very spot in the river that took away life and to baptize these children with the wonderful new eternal life they now have in Jesus! How awesome is that! Please be in prayer for this village and especially the Polanco family, as they do not know Christ. God clearly showed us that the Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus ministry is making a huge and immediate impact on an entire generation throughout the country of Belize!

We will return to Belize on June 22 – July 3 with a team of 20 from Cornerstone Baptist to continue to develop and strengthen relationships all over the country with our “BELIZE BLAST” outreach ministry. We again thank YOU for ALL of your prayers and support! We simply could not have reached this point without you and ask that you continue to lift us up in prayer. Please help us by sharing the vision of Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus with your local pastor and/or youth/children’s pastor. We need more US and Canadian partner churches to implement the ministry into other Belizean villages! There is a version of the ministry brochure on the web that can be downloaded and printed for easy distribution. We can also send out a “kit” with more detailed information if you will send us the contact name. Please visit the websites to see more detailed and up to date information.

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