December 2012

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2012 was an amazing year! Here are a few “fun facts” as a recap!

  • 333 came to Belize to serve, love and “konnect”…and 119 of these were children…as young as 5 yrs old!
  • The medical team again came 4 times, serving over 8,000 and our very own Kidz Konnect Clinic opened in October.
  • 421,416 STOP HUNGER NOW meals (74,138 lbs) were distributed in Stann Creek.
  • Over 1,000 children attended summer camps!
  • School supplies and sport equipment provided to teachers and students at 5 primary schools…1,700+ children.
  • New buildings at Pomona Church, Light of the Valley (also electrical added) and Holy Angels to meet the growing need.
  • Teacher trainings in August and December for 125 teachers.
  • Each week over 1,200 children learn about Jesus!
Family Impact Journey

Family Impact Journey

When families come and serve together, an amazing "konnection" is made...not only with their new Belizean friends, but also as a family.

When families come and serve together, an amazing “konnection” is made…not only with their new Belizean friends, but also as a family.

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2012 Year End Message

Change Direction – January Challenge


Happy New Year! A few months ago I read a book, “7 an experimental mutiny against excess” by Jen Hatmaker. God utilized this book to burden my heart so heavily that there was no escaping he was up to something. I grimaced because I knew that a season of painful maturing was coming my way and I had to come to terms. Let me mention that the painful maturing is not due to the Lord yet a result of my infantile attitude towards change and obedience…enough said!
While I was praying and listening to what the Lord would have me do some girlfriends from Texas were visiting. I was sharing with the girls that I had finished a book that they needed to read and that I planned to send it to them…misery loves company. Anyway, the girls whipped out Jen’s book and we all giggled with that nervous excitement that comes when the Lord confirms that HE is getting ready to rock your world.
So here’s the skinny, the girls and I met and prayed and planned like any good tribal council (we were on an island at the time) and felt the Lord leading Kidz Konnect to trailblaze a challenge for every month in 2013. Now before you gasp with indignation, David and I will be right there in the trenches with you…accountability sweet friends! War has been declared people and the Lord will lead the way to victory. Don’t you love when God gathers the troops for His glory and their best interest?
Each month Kidz Konnect will provide the challenge on our website, the reason for the challenge, and some verses to chew on. We will also introduce a suggested prayer schedule later in this month and some proposals for prayer topics. Before anyone gets huffy, please understand that no one is trying to force you or anyone in your family to take part in this journey of “Changing Direction” we’re just inviting you to join David and I. This is about taking an honest look at our spiritual journey and that of our families. Spend time in prayer and listen to the Lord to see if you are being called to the full challenge or just a portion. Just be forewarned, sacrifice will no longer be something that we just think about or talk about. We will be smack in the middle of sacrificing things that we thought were absolute life sustaining such as Diet Coke with lime. Now for the record, we need to get ourselves some loving and patient accountability partners to keep us on track!
 The Kidz Konnect theme for the next 3 years is CHANGE DIRECTION. Our verse this year is Romans 12:2, “Don’t live any longer the way this world lives. Let your way of thinking be completely changed. Then you will be able to test what God wants for you. And you will agree that what he wants is right. His plan is good and pleasing and perfect.” It is our prayer that there will less and less of each of us and more and more of our almighty God.
I have listed the challenge below for the month of January and yes thanks to the flu bug you were cheated a few days on this challenge. Know that David and I are praying for you. Please post your thoughts, challenges, and victories on the Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus Facebook page. Before we begin and I become as grumpy as a teenager that’s been unplugged; I thank and praise God for nudging me to a closer relationship, a relationship built on the lavish love of the Father and a total lacking in the things of this world! Until we konnect again…
January – (Food) half the global population lives on less than $2.00 per day. Our kids in Belize are fortunate to get one meal per day and that’s possible because of the feeding ministry. We (Americans) throw away more food in one day than our kids in Belize will see in a week!
The Challenge:
• No processed or artificially sweetened foods or drinks – go organic if possible.
• No drive thru or fast food meals
• At least one meal per day must be attended by each family member and all electronic devices turned to the off position or mute • One day per week all meals consist of rice and beans in honor of the people of Belize.
Please pray for our Belizean families at each meal. Verses: Romans 12:2 and James 2:14-17
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