belize_villageKidz Konnect 4 Jesus core ministry enables Belizean churches, schools and communities to receive the supplies and training they need in order to implement children’s ministry.  Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus provides bibles, computers, projection and sound systems, curriculum, DVDs, training material and other basic supplies. These items act as a shared resource between the local church and school in each village.

Partner Churches in the US and Canada are paired up with churches, schools and community groups in specific Belizean villages. Our partners are encouraged to develop long lasting relationships through letters, email and videos. The Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus team on the ground visits each school once a week for regular Children’s ministry. Partner Churches join that ministry by visit Belize on their very own Family Impact Journey. Being personally invested in the individual lives of kids and their families provides a meaningful “konnection” that allows partners to “do life together”.

Come and Join us

The Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus team is very intentional in that not one more day should pass with a child not knowing Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. It is our prayer that the Lord will touch your heart with these very special kids. If you are a family and are interested in joining us on a life changing journey please check out the schedule of upcoming Family Impact Journeys and use our contact form to get in touch with us.

If you are a church or other organization and you would like to be more involved with Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus we would love you to consider a partnership with a Belizean Church, School or village. If this is something you are interested in please pray for God’s direction in partnering with us; This is a LONG TERM commitment! Then fill out our contact form here

We thank you for helping us minister to the kids of Belize!

Emergency Call

In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.